Write a sentence using the word enigma

Attorney Joseph diGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, and that he bragged of having blackmailed a high-ranking Japanese politician, Motoo Shiina.

Write a sentence using the word enigma

It is an enigma to me. She is a bit of an enigma. Iran remains an enigma for the outside world. Even after years he still remains an enigma to me. The neighbours regarded him as something of an enigma.

He was to a certain extent an enigma. This interpretation in no way diminishes the enigma of the relationship between electrochemical events in the nervous system and conscious experiences. The other enigma is how to get musical unity between one section of a work and the rest.

All are tied to the enigma of death, and to the complexity of our feelings when faced with historic events.

Jim remains an enigma, penetrated through action only to a certain point.

Sentence for enigma

The enigma of the stones draws druids to perform their weird rituals. And all the time I pondered upon the enigma of Mrs Rumney.

Louisiana, though penetrated, remained an enigma. The enigma grew more ugly as darkness fell. The whole thing sometimes appears such an enigma that there might almost have been a conspiracy of silence. Lorraine remains an enigma who is easy to admire but impossible to get to know.

Madeleine was still very much an enigma to him. He was an enigma, his feelings hidden deep behind a sophisticated defence-work of cynicism and distrust. Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

It should, however, be enough to say that the Enigma machine looked like a large, clumsy, old-fashioned typewriter. Without the spiritual world the material world is a disheartening enigma.

I am, Madam, Your obedient servant This last enigma - the enigma of his fate - would remain. Anybody outside his close immediate circle was intrigued by the Guinness enigma.

The human desire for certainty collides with our love of enigma. As I peeled away the layers of the past, their life grew more confounding and the enigma expanded.The term "enigma", which means "puzzle" or "mystery" or even "conundrum" may be used diversely in a sentence.

A single example can be seen in the following: "The investigator scratched his head again and again over the enigma posed by the missing cargo.". A bibliography, by definition, is the detailed listing of the books, journals, magazines, or online sources that an author has used in researching and writing their work.

Write a sentence using the word enigma? It was quite an enigma to hear all the dogs suddenly howling in the middle of the night. Stone hedge and Harris Burdick are two enigmas.

Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof


write a sentence using the word enigma

E-PRIME, abolishing all forms of the verb "to be," has its roots in the field of general semantics, as presented by Alfred Korzybski in his book, Science and Sanity. The word "enigma" first appeared in print in Its origins remain as mysterious as the word itself.

It is likely to derive from the Latin ænig enigma definition: The definition of enigma is something or someone that is puzzling or a riddle. Use enigma in a sentence. Which came first?

It is an enigma. noun. May 01,  · The movie is a hopeless enigma of romance, tragedy, misunderstanding, and bad iridis-photo-restoration.com: Resolved.

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