Why i hate seeing couples break up

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Why i hate seeing couples break up

Get Too Dramatic The one thing on what not to do after a break up is that you should not get too dramatic. During post breakup, you should avoid listening to sad songs. Similarly, romantic movies are like onions and you are cutting them open when you watch these movies. Do not watch them as them will make you hurt.

To be sad, angry, hurt or humiliated is normal.

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Perhaps, you are also worried that you will never feel happy again. You need to let all of your emotions out. Surround yourself with your best friends. You should not prevent that you are not affected by the breakup. What not to do after a break up is a great concern of some people, so follow these tips for good!

Talk Bad About Your Ex When your ex decides to go on without you, you should act as a reasonable person by not giving his or her details to the world.

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You are indirectly lowering your standards and sending a bad message about yourself whenever you talk bad about your ex. Besides, talking bad about the ex also makes you look like a loser as losers always criticize other people when they cannot get what they want. Continue to Why i hate seeing couples break up out what not to do after a break up!

Sleep With Your Ex The fact is that sex will never bring him or her back to you, so you should avoid letting the other sleep with you. The only thing you need to do is to extract your ex completely from your life, get time to heal yourself and get the space to move on. Sex with your ex just draws you back at the time you would like to move on.

This tip is on what not to do after a break up, remember to follow it if you do not want to make your situation become more complicated. Change Your Look Breakup can make you sad, but it can be a good chance for you to make big changes to your life, and at first to your look. Making positive changes is welcoming, but making drastic changes in your look could make you regrettable in the future.

The major changes such as inking tattoosshaving your hair, dressing overly to attract all the attention will not solve anything.

Why i hate seeing couples break up

Wallow In The Past After breakup, you should not stay idle; instead, get busy with anything else. You can try reading a book, learning something or making new friends. As a matter of the fact, you should avoid getting too much thought about the ex; for example, what they are probably doing now, what they used to do in the past, how they are changing without you, etc.

This will not help you give up the relationship easily. As long as you are not on a date, you should open your mind to worthy things that will make your life better.

In case you just wallow up in the past, you will not only make you hurt all the time, but you also make all people around you feel uncomfortable. Beg Your Ex For A Return If you are curious about what not to do after a break up, begging your ex for a return is considered as one of the worst things you should avoid doing.

As you know that in case your ex decided to end the relationship, the begging, pleading or even using pity will not get him or her to come back to you.

Perhaps, you do not understand why your relationship ended, or you think that it ended because of the wrong reasons. Instead of losing your hope and begging for a comeback, you should find a friend who can help you overcome this hard time.

Moreover, this will make you look desperate, insecure like you will never make it without him or her. Deep down, you also know that you will not want to maintain a relationship with someone who you had to beg to stay with you.

Try To Be Friends It is difficult for two people to make a change from being lovers to normal friends. And in fact, a break up leading to a solid friendship is very rare.

Therefore, in case you are trying to forget someone or until you are fine with your ex dating someone new, you do not need to try to be pals.

Why i hate seeing couples break up

Keeping friends straight after the separation of your relationship goes along with having sex and this will not give you enough time and space to get it over properly. Right now, you are not looking for a friend who broke your heart.

Thus, the best thing you should do is to cut all ties at once; or at least until you healed all of your wounds. Continue reading this article to know more about what not to do after a break up!

Seek Revenge You should not destroy his possession, key his car, or do something that could put you into legal troubles. The thrill of revenge just feeds your bitterness and hate and this will not heal any of your wounds.EXPENSIVE STUFF: LDR’s are not cheap, especially in Nigeria.

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