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This is an important point because so many investment visa applicants that come our way have written up at least a basic document which sets out how they see their business playing out over the first couple of years. This is just good planning. These raw documents cannot properly be said to be formal business plans as in a 60 page document with extremely detailed all-scenarios-covered projections, risk factors, use of funds, competitor analyses, IP policies and the like. However, this documented material does provide the essential elements of the argument underpinning the investment visa application and is an absolute gold mine of information for an immigration consultant who is skilled at articulating an investment proposition in the context of current Hong Kong immigration policy.

Executive Summary Guidance Note: You write this section last, summarising each of the main sections of the business plan.

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The summary helps readers quickly understand what your business plan is about, makes them feel that you know what you are doing, and encourages them to read the whole plan. Explain your business and what it does Outline your target market and how you stand out from the competition Explain how you market your business and make sales Describe the key people in your business Identify any key practical issues Present your financial forecasts Summarise what financing you need To use this tool, uk business plan template hsbc hong select a section from the progress box on the right hand side to open the tool.

Business Overview Guidance Note: This section helps readers understand what your business does and the industry it operates in. It explains what is special about your business and what your plans are.

uk business plan template hsbc hong

This section gives readers confidence that you understand your industry and know what you are doing. Explain the background to your business.

When was it set up or when did you start developing the business idea? What does the business do? What are your products or services?

Explain the key features of the industry you operate in. Why is there an opportunity for your business?

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Outline what you have achieved so far, either as a trading business or in terms of developing your idea. What is special about your business that will make it succeed?

Explain your plans for the future. What will any financing you raise allow you to do? Address any particular risks, threats or weaknesses you face. Explain how you will deal with them. Markets and Competition Guidance Note: This section demonstrates that you understand who your customers are and what they want.

It shows that you recognise the competition and what they offer and that there are good reasons for customers to buy from you instead.

Target Markets Explain who your target customers are. What are their main characteristics, how many are there, what are the key market trends? Give details of any existing customers or interest expressed by potential customers. If you are targeting more than one group of customers, explain each market segment separately.

Competition Explain who your competitors are.

uk business plan template hsbc hong

What are the key features of what they offer, and what are their advantages and disadvantages? Why will your target customers buy from you instead? To make what you say convincing, you may need to include more details and evidence in an appendix to the business plan.

For example, this might include market research you have carried out, testimonials from existing or potential customers, and a detailed analysis of each of your main competitors.

Sales and Marketing Guidance Note: This section shows how you will reach customers — how you attract their attention and how you make sales. Marketing Explain how you will promote your business — for example, through advertising, direct mail or online.

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How can you be sure that your promotions will reach your target customers and convince them to act? Sales Explain what you will do in terms of actively selling — for example, phoning or meeting customers. How will you identify the right customers to call?

How difficult will it be to convince new customers and how long will it take?

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Do you have any existing customers or hot prospects, and will you get repeat sales? This section convinces the reader that you have the right team to make your business a success.

Key Personnel Give details of each key individual in the business.

What is an investment bank modelling test? For example, to your bank manager or investors.

What are their responsibilities, what skills and experience do they have?Welcome to HSBC UK banking products including current accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards. Also Premier and Advance banking and more.

Bermuda's International and Local Companies and Limited Partnerships, G to L Huge range, variety and purpose of locally incorporated offshore entities. business strategy and business model, and be able to demonstrate these to us.

For help in creating these, see our cash flow calculator and interactive business plan tool at Writing a business plan Your business plan outlines your business strategy and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

It helps you think through your options, identifying the best opportunities and how to make the most of them. Get help from us on writing a business plan.

Follow our step-by-step guide that gives advice on everything from defining a business to hiring staff.

🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. An insurer in collusion with an insured person attempted to launder money through insurance transactions. The manager of an insurance company sold health and personal injury insurance policies insuring against the liability from accidents to dummy persons, normally in the names of friends and. You are leaving the HSBC Knowledge Centre domain. summarising each of the main sections of the business summary helps readers quickly understand what your business plan is about, makes them feel that you know what you are doing, and encourages them to read the whole plan. and encourages them to read the whole .

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