Report on philippine history

Prehistory of the Philippines Docking station and entrance to the Tabon Cave Complex Site in Palawanwhere one of the oldest human remains was located. Discovery of stone tools and fossils of butchered animal remains in Rizal, Kalinga described in a article in Nature has pushed back evidence of early hominins in the country to as early asyears. Landa Jocano theorizes that the ancestors of the Filipinos evolved locally.

Report on philippine history

The gunmen asked for Mejos, who was napping upstairs. Police investigators arrived moments later and were assisted by the gunmen.

March 2, Video Video: Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now, there are three million drug addicts. If Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have me. Human Rights Watch found that the official police reports of these incidents invariably asserted self-defense to justify police killings, contrary to eyewitness accounts that portray the killings as cold-blooded murders of unarmed drug suspects in custody.

No one has been meaningfully investigated, let alone prosecuted, for these killings. Before being elected president, Rodrigo Duterte was the mayor of Davao City for more than two decades. Launch Gallery Even prior to announcing his candidacy for the May presidential election, Duterte was already very clear about his intention to Report on philippine history crime by eliminating criminals: You will see the fish in Manila Bay getting fat.

That is where I will dump you. During a campaign rally on March 15,for example, he stated: The funeral parlors will be packed. CASE 1 Following his election, Duterte continued to state unequivocally that his anti-drug campaign would focus on killing drug dealers and users.

Speaking in Davao City on June 4, he stated: CASE 2 Since taking office, Duterte has repeatedly vowed to kill drug dealers and users in the midst of skyrocketing reports of extrajudicial executions by the police and so-called vigilantes.

Report on philippine history

On August 6, he warned drug dealers: CASE 3 The Philippine National Police announced a temporary suspension of police anti-drug operations on January 30 following revelations the previous week of the alleged brutal killing of a South Korean businessman by anti-drug police.

March 1, Killed in The Philippines: A clear modus operandi of police operations emerged. Such visits often proved not so much to be warnings as a method of confirming the identity and whereabouts of a target. He had given up drug use months earlier, so did not go.

Two weeks later three armed masked men wearing bulletproof vests arrived at his home in Manila and handcuffed him. There were also uniformed cops outside, they did not go inside the house. But the three killers in civilian clothes came and went on a motorcycle without any interference from the uniformed cops.

They would wear civilian clothes, often all black, and have their faces shielded by balaclava-style headgear or other masks, and baseball caps or helmets.

They would bang on doors and barge into rooms, but the assailants would not identify themselves or provide warrants. Family members reported hearing beatings and their loved ones begging for their lives. The shooting could happen immediately—behind closed doors or on the street; or the gunmen might take the suspect away, where minutes later shots would ring out and local residents would find the body; or the body would be dumped elsewhere later, sometimes with hands tied or the head wrapped in plastic.

Local residents often said they saw uniformed police on the outskirts of the incident, securing the perimeter—but even if not visible before a shooting, special crime scene investigators would arrive within minutes.

Five masked armed men broke into a house in Bulacan province where Oliver Dela Cruz, 43, was playing cards. The men grabbed him and slammed him into a concrete wall several times, and then they threw him…outside.

We saw the shooting, we were just there. Family members said that Sumangue could not afford and did not possess a gun and therefore could not possibly have attempted to shoot at the police.

Such cases call into question government assertions that the majority of killings were carried out by vigilantes or rival drug gangs. Six masked armed men burst into a Manila home where a small group, including several teenagers, were watching television. The men arrested and beat drug suspects Aljon Mesa and Jimboy Bolasa, and then took them away on motorcycles.

The gunmen were still at the scene, while uniformed police cordoned off the area.Philippines is the Ophir of the Bible. The history of the Philippines is believed to have begun with the arrival of the first humans using rafts or boats at least 67, years ago as the discovery of Callao Man suggested.

Negrito groups first inhabited the isles. Groups of Austronesians later migrated to the islands.. Scholars generally believe that these social groups eventually. It is with the deepest sadness and regret that I must report the unexpected passing of our dear friend and colleague, archaeologist Paul Maloney, peacefully at his home in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, on August 27, Paul was one of the most respected Shroud scholars in the world and the news of his passing came as a great shock to the Shroud community.

The Philippine Islands is a monumental volume book by Emma Blair and James Alexander Robertson. It consists of primary source documents for Philippine history translated into English. Electronic copies of the book in text format from Vol.

Francia's book provides an historical overview of the Philippine archipelago and people from pre-colonial times to The book is a quick read and can serve as a starting point for anyone interested in learning about Philippine History.

HOME; ABOUT US. A – Philippine Accountancy Act By-Laws History National President’s Report. The Spaniards as Colonial Masters. Spain reigned over the Philippines for years, from to since Spain was far from the country, the Spanish king ruled the Islands through the viceroy of Mexico, which was then another Spanish colony.

When Mexico regained its freedom in , the Spanish king ruled the Philippines through a governor general.

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