Marijuana argument essay

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Marijuana argument essay

Medicine Prior to the enactment of the Marijuana Tax Act, there were at least twenty-seven legal medicines that contained marijuana available in the U.

InThe Controlled Substances Act placed marijuana into a Schedule I status defining it as having a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the U.

Currently it remains illegal under federal law in the United States other than the four Americans that were grandfathered under the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program.

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There have been multiple studies and research done by advocates for and against medical marijuana legalization. Although there are strong arguments by both sides, federally legalizing the use of medical marijuana is the better choice because it has beneficial effects to patients suffering from various ailments; it will cause a decrease in recreational use nationwide; and it is less harmful to the user than many other prescription medications.

At present, the pros outweigh the cons when considering the positive benefits to medical marijuana. The principal constituent of Marijuana argument essay, tetrahydrocannabinol THCis effective in treating nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, and acute or chronic pain.

Specifically, marijuana has been proven to give relief from nausea and appetite loss caused by AIDS. It reduces intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma.

Additionally; it has positive effects on persons suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and other conditions with chronic pain. Beside the medical evidence that marijuana is helpful in treating certain ailments, there are numerous organizations that support some type of physician supervised access to medical marijuana including the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Nurses Association, American Health Association and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Millions of patients in the U. On April 20,the U. Marinol, a pill with synthetic THC, is often prescribed to patients suffering from AIDS, or cancer patients that have gone through chemotherapy.

Marijuana argument essay

Unlike medical marijuana, Marinol is FDA approved. It seems as though Marinol could substitute marijuana for treating symptoms related to AIDS and cancer chemotherapy; until you consider some other facts that prove otherwise.

First, Marinol only provides limited relief to a select group of patients. It also does not have the same effect for the number of different ailments as marijuana. Marijuana or cannibas is made of multiple compounds, not solely THC. Russo from the Montana Neurobehavioral Specialists write: Simply stated, marijuana has many other benefits other than those given from THC alone.

Secondly, Marinol is much more costly than marijuana. THC is a difficult compound to manufacture. The heightened cost for manufacturing is passed down to the patient consumer. Lastly, patients ultimately prefer natural cannibas to Marinol.

The legalization of medical marijuana would cause a decrease in recreational use nationwide. The patients that use medical marijuana are not using it for recreational purposes.

Instead, they are using it to alleviate their suffering, and to counteract the effects of their treatments.

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There are strict processes and protocol that must be followed in order to become a medical marijuana recipient in these states and DC. Public opinion also dictates the desire for the legalization of medical marijuana not the legalization of recreational marijuana nationally to come into effect.

Government organizations send the message that legalization of medical marijuana will result in increased recreational use, especially among adolescents. This claim is unfounded and sends the wrong message to the general public.

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the U. Currently there are more young people being treated for marijuana dependency than for all other illegal drugs, and alcohol combined.

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Marijuana is also a gateway drug. A study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that out of sets of twins, the marijuana-using twins were four times more likely than their siblings to use cocaine and crack cocaine. Marijuana also increases the likelihood of depression, social withdrawal, panic attacks, and other mental health problems within teenagers.

Cannibas also can lead to dependency and abuse. In the report, Marijuana Use by Young People: Teenage marijuana use declined nationwide from to At the time of the study, there was no evidence that the passage of 10 state medical marijuana laws produced an increase in adolescent marijuana use within those states, or nationwide.

In fact, just the opposite was shown. Across-the-board, a decrease in youth marijuana use in medical marijuana states marginally exceeded the national decline.

Medical marijuana is less harmful than many other prescription drugs. Many drugs that are prescribed for the same ailments as medical marijuana are administered simultaneously.Dea's argument essay is an argument is exactly in support for.

argumentative essay: should marijuana and compare expository vs. Not exposed to legalize marijuana be legalized essay sample essay.

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Marijuana is a mood altering drug that has many nicknames, such as pot, weed, ganja, herb and others. Closing or Transitional Sentence: Not only could the legalization of Marijuana save the lives of drug dealers and their clientele, but it could also save many terminally ill patients from suffering.

We will write a custom essay sample on Legalization of Marijuana specifically for you. Running Head: ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY The legalization of marijuana Abstract The problem of the illegality of marijuana has created large expenditures in investigation, court costs, and incarceration for the American public.

Dec 13,  · The pro marijuana legalization is backed with many facts that make it the better option while the “nay-sayers” are driven by a false assumption that marijuana is .

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