Julius caesar conflicting perspectives essay

This bias is conveyed to perfection through William Shakespeare, George Orwell and Pablo Picasso in Julius Caesar, Animal Farm and Guernica respectively where each protagonist presented is shown to act on behalf of their own agenda espousing the belief that their perspective is indeed the most desirable. We will write a custom essay sample on Julius Caesar:

Julius caesar conflicting perspectives essay

Julius caesar conflicting perspectives essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Through the manipulation of various textual forms, structures and language composers persuade their audience to adopt their perspective. Composers often decide to present conflicting perspectives to truly engage their audience. She uses various textual techniques and includes a provocative cartoon at the top, as well as quotes from those supporting her views to convince the reader of her perspective.

Devine, known for her conservative view on political and social issues, is deliberately bias against the Greens as she has gained vas wealth through exploiting the countries natural resources such as deforestation.

By demonstrating the concept of conflicting perspectives both composers are able to shape meaning to convey their purpose through the choice of textual forms, structures and language.

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The concept of conflicting perspectives is created in the play by the characterisation of Brutus and Marc Antony. Their perspective of Caesar and whether he should rule directly clash, one rguing the side of imperial rule and the other republican rule and hence provide the central conflict throughout the play.

At the time the play was composed, this concept was a real threat as the Roman Empire sought new rule following the recent death of the Queen, allowing Shakespeare to toy with the emotions of his audience.

With an engaged audience and the manipulation of structures, language and textual forms Shakespeare is able to shape the meaning of the play.

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Conflicting perspectives through the manipulation of language, textual forms and structure allows the composer to present two perspectives and give the audience choice in their depiction of the message of the play. The choice is ultimately determined by the context of the reader, which largely affects their interpretation of the text as they may have diverse experiences causing their depiction of the text to be altered.

Antony walks on stage holding Caesars dead body, a dramatic device used by Shakespeare to heighten the effect of the speech. The reaction of the crowd to both speeches indicates how political power can shift opinions of people through the power of language.

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Hence, through the use of juxtaposed dramatic speeches and language techniques, Shakespeare shapes the meaning of the play, engaging the audience, involving them in the process of deciding whether republicanism or imperialism is the ultimate model for the Roman Empire.

The concept of conflicting perspectives can be a great tool to give the reader choice in the depiction of the text, however, this concept can also be utilised as a way to glorify one perspective in contrast to another.

Devine effectively manipulates the medium of the article, enabling her to provide a conflicting perspective to the Greens principles as portrayed in the media, while simultaneously not allowing a conflicting perspective to oppose her view.

This, through the concept of conflicting perspectives, forces the reader to undertake her opinion, making the purpose of the article to accept a perspective rather than giving the reader choice. As she is writing a newspaper article, it could be argued that she should provide a balanced perspective, however through portraying a positive image of John Gay, she offers the perspective that the Greens victimized him for their political gain, and Devine is able to shape her agenda in the text and through conflicting perspectives, purposely glorifying her perspective to embed her message of the article in the reader.

The use of hyperbole to finish an obvious political statement reflects how the article only portrays her perspective, rather than balancing conflicting perspectives, in to convince her readers to undertake her perspective, shaping meaning through deliberate glorification.

Through the exploration of textual forms, structures and language both composers, using the concept of conflicting perspectives, shape the meaning of their text.Uncompromising exposure of the counterfeit origins of Christianity and of the evil it has brought to the world.

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William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar is replete with conflicting perspectives. While this motif does not always include the plebians, one salient example of this duality and contradiction occurs in Act V, Scene 1 as Cassius goes against his words to Brutus in Act I, Scene 2 when he solicits him as a conspirator in the assassination of Caesar.

Conflicting Perspective Julius Caesar And The Pianist Essay - The composers of texts, Julius Caesar and The Pianist, use acts of representations to construct credible viewpoints that are conveyed to the audience in a certain event displayed in the texts.

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