Ithe gamei by ken dryden essay

Now, in this exclusive essay and his new book Game Change, the NHL legend says the time for talk is over. We need a non-negotiable rule on every rink, every game, he argues:

Ithe gamei by ken dryden essay

The Canadian literary crowd loves it. It was actually written later, based on his notes at Ithe gamei by ken dryden essay time, and published in What he does, how he feels, what goes on in his dressing room, what he thinks of his teammates, and so forth.

It deals a little more with personalities, and stories. That may not sound too interesting He can take the most common observation, and write paragraphs of poetry about it.

Here he is talking about travelling to the Forum: Traffic is light today, and the few cars on the road move easily, unconcerned by the conditions. I park several blocks away from the Forum and walk. I start to jog, then run, faster as the wind bites harder.

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At de Maisonneuve, the light turns red but I continue across. But the tone is a bit dramatic. It started grating on me. What would mitigate the tone, a bit, is if Dryden would talk more concretely about hockey. Moreover, with something more concrete to explain, Dryden allows some air to come out of the lofty prose, and it reads a lot better.

Still, even accounting for those 20 pages, the book is mostly Ken Dryden, sociologist and psychologist, observing his hockey team.

Ken Dryden is a lawyer; he famously took a year off from the NHL in to finish his law degree.

“The Game” by Ken Dryden Essay Sample

Half-naked players move hurriedly about, laughing, shouting for tape black or white, thick or thincotton, skate laces, gum, ammonia "sniffers," Q-Tips, toilet paper, and for trainers to get them faster than they can. It is the kid of unremitting noise that no one hears and everyone feels. But there is another level dialogue we can all hear.

It is loud, invigorating, paced to the mood of the room, the product of wound-up bodies with wound-up minds. Set in motion, it rebounds by word association, thought association, by "off the wall" anything association, just verbal reflex, whatever comes off your tongue, the more outrageous the better.

“The Game” by Ken Dryden | Essay Example

Because, he says, he notices the team is complacent, spoiled by its own success, looking for the "big play" to win the game. Players "shoot from long range, safe from the punishment that goes with rebounds, deflections, screens, and goal-mouth tip-ins. It is not fun to feel a team break down, to find weakness where I always found strength; to discover the discipline and desire can go soft and complacent; to discover that we are not so different as we once thought; to realize that winning is the central card in a house of cards, and that without it, or with less of it, motivations that seemed pure and clear go cloudy, and personal qualities once noble and abundant turn on end; to realize that I am a part of that breakdown.

Dryden produces this huge fog of articulateness that overwhelms you with feeling and the sense that something important has just been said, but Painted as they are with broad brush strokes, vivid and lush, they find shape and pattern only with distance.

The person who lives them is too close. He feels sweat as well as triumph. He understands what others see, but feels none of it himself. It talks about "big issues" that people like to pretend they care about. There are long digressions into Quebec separatism and culture, and personal growth and emotion.

It detaches the reader from the world of uneducated jocks, allowing them to identify and affiliate with someone they look up to. But, no offense to Dryden It should have been easy:They sat about with their feet in the gutters, under the jacaranda trees that made a green tunnel of the street—for it was a beautiful suburb, spoilt only by their presence— and sometimes they fell asleep lying right before the gates in the midday sun.

"The Game" by Ken Dryden. Essay by Giannirulz27, High School, 10th grade, A-, October download word file, 2 pages, skill, and talent. Born in the town of Thurso, Quebec, he played on a street with only 1 light as a child. As an adult, Ken Dryden says that he saw the eyes of a child, filled with excitement, every time Lafleur had 3/5(1).

"The Game" by Ken Dryden. Sep.

Sabermetric Research: Ken Dryden's "The Game"

15th, at AM He wants to tell the celebrity story from his perspective and talk about his personal struggles with fame. I find Dryden's essay well executed, and delivers a somewhat sarcastic view of the closely entangled athletic and celebrity worlds.

The Game is a book written by former ice hockey goaltender Ken Dryden. Published in , the book is a non-fiction account of the Montreal Canadiens, detailing the life of a professional hockey Ken Dryden.

Ithe gamei by ken dryden essay

“Ken Dryden’s new book, Game Change [is] a powerful and convincing examination of hockey’s failure to address the growing issue of concussions.” —Roy Macgregor, Globe and Mail “Ken Dryden’s superb new book, Game Change, is about the brain and head shots and concussions.

Last weekend, Ken Dryden – Hall of Fame goaltender, former Member of Parliament, and acclaimed author – wrote an essay in The Globe and Mail.

It was titled “Enough!” and in it Dryden calls on the National Hockey League to apply a “non-negotiable rule on every rink, every game: No hits to the head – no excuses.”.

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