Bamboo house

David August Such a beautiful and fascinating structure! We enjoyed our stay, the 2 nights here were among the most relaxing of our time in Bali, party because it rained which forced us to stay in more and relax, which we were fine with.

Bamboo house

It is over years old and still in perfect condition. This magnificent dome structure has withstood the ravages of invasions and sacking through time where all other buildings in Rome are in ruins.

Inherent Special Qualities of Domes The most common response form people who spend time in dome structures is they become aware of a natural calming feeling being in the space.

Bamboo House - Groton, CT

Not having corners that trap stale air and form mold is a huge factor. Energy flows inside a dome. Sound waves travel toward the centre point of the diameter line - it is pure sound at this point with no phase cancellations or distortions.

Sacred geometry is inherent in the circle. The universe is based on spheres and circular energy. There is more than meets the eye about domes The dome shape is also inherently very strong.

Bamboo house

Structurally a dome is very much more efficient than conventional buildings because a dome shell structure distributes load evenly around the structure allowing it to accept significantly higher load scenarios that conventional rectangular buildings.

It is also very efficient in terms of use of materials. So when you combine all of the above you get a naturally comfortable space that feels strong, safe and secure that will out perform any other form of structure.

From all our experience with dome buildings and dome homes and having visited many dome homes in various countries there are a few aspects which really stand out and some of these hit you as soon as you walk into a dome.

Generally, the first impression is one of space and light. It plays an illusion. Second impression is how absolutely comfortable it feels inside a dome-shaped building. No corners, just smooth round walls and roof which feels very natural and nurturing to the human being.

Thirdly, furniture fits into a round space perfectly well. The Purest Sound Inside a Dome If you study how sound waves move and interact inside of a space of any kind it will give you a good impression of how the space feels to inhabit. For example inside of a hemispherical dome, sound is reflected from the dome shape back to the center of the structure at the diameter.

What this means is that there is absolutely no phase cancellation or standing wave action inside a dome. The sound is pure in contrast to rectangular buildings which severely distort the purity of sound because of reflections off the walls.

In contrast to a conventional building, a dome draws air from around its circumference expelling through the apex.

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Composite Materials for Dome Construction Domeshells has been designing, developing and building dome-shaped structures since the year focusing on the use of composite materials and fabrication systems to build lightweight structures. Composite structural skins sandwiched over a light weight foam core creates relatively lightweight panels with excellent thermal insulation.For the past 20 years Chef Kay has been cooking in many Chinese Restaurants in Monroe County which include the well-known Golden Dynasty and Chen Garden.

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