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Johnson uses the example of an African woman who has not had contact with white society. As far as she knows, she only is aware that she is a African woman, not a black woman.

Allan g johnson

Defining Patriarchy November 13th, at She was and still is a brilliant and radical feminist, Allan g johnson in the muggle world as a cookie-baking mom of four kids who befriended my mother in the late s through a mutual friend.

Comments on my blog posts and Daily KOS diary, both agreeing and disagreeing with my statements, rarely include the term as if the commenter is politely censoring my politically incorrect word even if they are agreeing with all the points I built around it.

In our secular, democratic society, male dominance is no longer official policy, women are enfranchised to vote, own property and otherwise participate fully in business ventures and the work-for-pay world.

In many parts of the world positions of political and economic authority, by official policy backed up by the coercive authority of the statecan only be held by men.

Vestiges of this complete and unmitigated patriarchy can be found even in American society in some Allan g johnson denominations, including Catholicism, Orthodox Judaism, and most sects within Islam that I am aware of.

I think about our movies one of our best ongoing sources of cultural mythology and how we still like our heroic characters to be tough, steely loners, whether in 20th Century westerns or 21st Century sci-fi epics.

Defining Patriarchy

Both John Wayne and Sigourney Weaver personify these qualities which are generally associated with masculinity rather than femininity. Women increasingly are rising to positions of leadership in our country, but to do so they generally need to display those characteristics of toughness traditionally associated with masculinity; think Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi.

Though things have changed a lot for the better, still in many circumstances displaying traditionally female characteristics risks rebuke.

The third aspect that Johnson calls out is that patriarchal society is male-centered, focusing on the experience of men as the human experience. Until recently, most medical research was done on men, with the assumption that the results would equally apply to women, which more recently is proving not always to be true.

And try looking around the room the next time you are at a restaurant or in a meeting at work. Even when there is a fairly even mix of women and men around the table, in most though not all instances the men do more of the talking.

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Also notice how often when women begin to dominate a conversation, men tend to drift off. A key point here is that patriarchy is generally not an explicit ongoing effort by men to dominate women.

It is a long-standing system that we are born into and participate in, mostly unconsciously. It is like a game where we quickly learn to internalize and then stop thinking about the rules. The sports we love are the perfect metaphor. We hate losers… part of the unwritten rules of the patriarchal paradigm.

Allan g johnson

Perhaps the darkest facet of patriarchy is that even many of the men caught up in its highly ranked structures, though perhaps unthinking beneficiaries of male privilege feel constrained and even powerless. While most people in a patriarchal hierarchy accept their place in the pecking order, those that do not are generally dealt with by ridicule, coercion and even violence where necessary.

Men often deny the existence or at least the power of patriarchy because they do not feel a sense of freedom, a sense of real powerfulness within the system. The truth is that it constricts and restrains everyone, not just the people at the very bottom of its hierarchy.

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They are expected to take great care of the people beneath them in the hierarchy and work diligently to engineer not merely help facilitate their charges support, comfort, safety and success.

In my opinion, to the extent in recent years or centuries that our families and larger institutions have moved away from this model, these institutions have become more supportive of the continuing development of society and the human race.

Also see other pieces I have written on patriarchy.Allan Johnson has worked on issues of social inequality since receiving his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Michigan in He has more than thirty years of teaching experience and is a frequent speaker on college and university campuses.

Dec 16,  · Get the latest finance news and information on Published: Mon, 5 Dec In the article “Patriarchy, the System”, Allan Johnson defines patriarchy, and in doing so addresses the common misconceptions and stereotypes that .

Allan G. Johnson, sociologist and author of "The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy," interviwed on patriarchy, gender, privilege, and power. According to Allan Johnson, the author of “The Gender Knot: Unraveling our Patriarchal Legacy”, a society is patriarchal “to the degree that it is male-dominated, male-identified, and male-centered.”.

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